Ensuring Children Are Cared For Financially

Parents have a legal obligation to support their children financially and provide for their basic needs. Formal child support proceedings are designed to enforce that obligation. Florida courts take a strong interest in making sure that children are cared for. As a result, child support proceedings often arise in the context of divorce or paternity cases.

The amount of a child support obligation is based on a statutory formula that takes into account the parents' incomes and the child's needs — particularly day care costs, medical and dental care, education expenses, special needs accommodations and other expenses. However, child support cases are not always open-and-shut. Apart from the statutory guidelines, other circumstances may alter the outcome.

What Other Factors Can Influence Your Child Support Case?

Common issues that can complicate child support determinations include:

  • Self-employment: Income verification often becomes a challenge for those who are self-employed and for the party opposing a self-employed parent.
  • Imputed income: In some situations where one parent is unemployed or underemployed, making less than his or her earning capacity, the court may nonetheless impute income. This means the child support obligation will be based on the amount the parent could be earning.
  • Child custody: Child support and child custody intersect in some ways. Parents can potentially obtain child support credits depending on the time sharing arrangement. Your child support obligation (or the amount of child support payments you receive) should reflect how much time you actually spend with the child.

Seek Guidance From A Skilled Professional

Navigating complex child support issues can be daunting. In Lakeland, Florida, family law attorney Amanda Salcido can protect your rights and walk you through the child support process. Ms. Salcido represents both those seeking child support and those opposing it, whether a mother or a father. She also handles modifications and enforcement of existing child support orders.

Lawyer Amanda Salcido will look closely at your situation, determining how child support guidelines — or departures from those guidelines — might apply. As a strong negotiator with extensive experience in the courtroom, she will work diligently to protect your interests throughout the child support proceedings.

Learn More During A Consultation

Child support can impact you, your finances and your children's well-being for years to come. Make sure you get qualified legal guidance from the outset. To arrange a consultation directly with an experienced attorney, contact the Law Office of Amanda Salcido at 863-266-4122. Our law office is in Lakeland, and we serve clients throughout central Florida, including Tampa and Plant City.