Crafting Family Law Solutions That Work

The Law Office of Amanda Salcido provides skilled legal guidance in various practice areas, including family law and dependency cases. Lawyer Amanda Salcido brings more than a decade of legal experience to her practice. She provides caring and effective advocacy for clients from diverse backgrounds.

Family Law And Dependency

As a female attorney, Amanda Salcido brings a unique and well-rounded perspective to family law and dependency cases. She represents both husbands and wives in divorce, child custody and visitation, paternity and related matters. She handles straightforward, uncontested divorces as well as complex cases with multiple assets. She is going to do what is necessary to help you protect your interests.

A Valuable Military Background

Not only is attorney Salcido a former prosecutor, but she has also been a member of the U.S. Army JAG Corps for more than 10 years. In this role, she has handled a broad range of legal matters, from military divorce to court-martial proceedings to general civil guidance.

Ms. Salcido's total military experience spans nearly two decades. As a result, she understands the many legal challenges that service members and military families face, and she is readily available to help you through them.

Finding The Right Solution For Your Situation

Part of an attorney's role is to listen to your concerns and understand your goals. You will quickly find that attorney Salcido is a strong listener. She will provide a sympathetic ear and nonjudgmental guidance. Her goal is to help you feel comfortable talking about the sensitive issues often involved in difficult legal matters.

Just as every individual is unique, your legal case too requires a tailored approach, not a cookie-cutter blueprint. Attorney Amanda Salcido is committed to helping you find the right solution that makes sense for your unique situation. Her skill lies in analyzing circumstances and applying her legal knowledge and experience to develop a strong course of action.

Discuss Your Situation With Attorney Salcido

For a consultation with lawyer Amanda Salcido, call 863-266-4122 or contact her online. The Law Office of Amanda Salcido is conveniently located off South Florida Avenue, just minutes from downtown Lakeland, Florida. Ms. Salcido is proficient in Spanish.