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Parenting tips to assist in a potential child custody case

Facing a custody battle is a scenario that no parent likes to imagine. However, for many Florida families, divorce and a resulting child custody determination will be a reality. Just as no one goes into marriage preparing for divorce, no one becomes a parent with the belief that he or she will eventually be fighting over parenting time and responsibilities. There are things that parents can do to put themselves into a good position if that need should ever arise. Fortunately, those same steps will also make a person a better parent, so the following tips are relevant regardless of the state of one's marriage.

Following tragedy, family faces unexpected child custody needs

The vast majority of custody battles play out between a mother and father who have ended their relationship and are struggling to divide parenting time and responsibilities. There are cases, however, in which the parties differ, and where families are faced with child custody needs that are far from the norm. An example is found in a current case that centers on the murder of a mother and the need to provide care for her three children. Parents in Florida and across the nation find it distressing to even consider such circumstances, but this is an issue that faces a number of families each and every year.

Tips for parents on how to handle child custody

When it becomes clear that a marriage is no longer tenable, many Florida parents are immediately concerned about how a divorce will affect their kids. It is no surprise that going through such a monumental change in the structure of their family will have an impact on children. That said, recent research suggests that the more important factor is how parents handle the divorce and resulting child custody changes.

Child custody case centers on prank YouTube video

A couple is facing serious legal challenges based on video content uploaded to their YouTube channel. The couple are parents and stepparents to five children, all of whom are featured on various videos involving family "pranks." As a result of those videos, all five children have been removed from the home, and the parents are facing a serious child custody challenge based on their actions in the videos. The matter has sparked debate in Florida and across the nation.

Father wins lengthy child custody fight over adoption

All Florida custody battles are distressing, for both the adults and the children involved. Some cases are more upsetting than others, however, and cases in which an adoption has been wrongfully processed are among the most difficult. An example is found in a child custody case in which a father recently won the right to raise his daughter, who was placed for adoption without his consent.

Divorce and child visitation can lead to better parenting

When most Florida parents think about divorce, they do so with a feeling of dread, sure that the change will be a negative one for everyone involved. For parents, the challenges of working through new living arrangements and child visitation can seem daunting. It is important for parents to remember, however, that there are ways to actually improve their parenting skills through a divorce.

What is custodial interference?

Sharing custody of your child with another parent, particularly with one with whom you do not get along, can be very difficult. No matter what type of custody arrangement you have, chances are that one or both of you feels like you do not have enough time with your kids. Further, you can feel jealous or bitter when your child is with your ex.

4 reasons you may need to seek modification of custody

If you share custody of your child with his or her other parent, you have already been through one of the most difficult situations parents experience: establishing a custody and visitation plan. Getting through that process can be a source of great relief, and it allows parents to turn their focus to raising their kids instead of arguing over physical and legal custody rights.

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