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Money talks: Will you receive or pay alimony after divorce?

It is no secret to Florida readers that divorce brings about significant financial changes. Both parties are naturally concerned with their financial well-being after their marriage is over, and one of the most common sources of money-related disputes pertains to alimony.

Walking through the process of a stepparent adoption

Families comes in all shapes, sizes and types, and for many in Florida, adoption is a way to allow their individual family units to grow. Traditional domestic or international adoption is not the only way for a family to do this; for some, stepparent adoption is a viable choice. 

Do you need tactical training when dealing with military divorce?

A great sense of pride comes along with being a member of the United States military. No matter to what branch of the military you may belong, your service should garner respect. You certainly make numerous sacrifices in your life in order to accommodate the duties and responsibilities placed on you by your military service. Though you may understand the necessity behind these sacrifices, you and your family may still feel strain.

What do you mean I'm not legally the father of my child?

If you are like many others in Florida who choose not to marry (at least not yet) and have a child, Florida does not recognize you as the legal father of your child. You may have discovered this fact when someone denied you some parental right. Neither you nor the mother of your child realized at his or her birth that you needed to do anything other than putting your name on the birth certificate in order to establish paternity.

The ins and outs of alimony in Florida

Getting a divorce can be difficult emotionally. Moving on to something new can be a bit intimidating, especially if your dissolution of marriage leaves you financially strapped. Thankfully, there are Florida residents who may qualify to receive alimony as part of their divorce settlements, which can help them stay economically afloat.

Higher asset divorces require better strategy

Getting divorced is never easy. Unless you have an air-tight prenuptial agreement, chances are that you and your former spouse aren't going to agree on things like asset division and child custody and support. The greater your overall assets, the more contentious the divorce process can become.

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Attorney Amanda Salcido has served her country as a member of the U.S. Army JAG Corp for more than 10 years. Her military experience spans over twenty years. Ms. Salcido provides professional legal guidance for service members and non-service members alike.

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